Ipswich Town FC PDP

The 2016/17 Season sees the launch of the new ITFC Academy Player Development Programme (PDP).

Youth Development is hugely important to us as a club, the boys taking part in the PDP will receive a high standard of coaching, which is aligned with the main Academy’s coaching curriculm.

Ipswich Town FC has always been seen as a developer of players. Over the years it has provided many players, not only for Ipswich Town, but also for other professional clubs and also for the national game.

The ‘Ipswich Way’ is to play a quality passing, possession-based game, playing through the thirds with balanced attacking and solid defending. The Club prides itself on achieving a fun, safe and happy environment for players to develop in. We want them to enjoy their football, whilst realising their potential with us, and hopefully progressing through the various levels of the clubs Academy.

Programme Outline

Over the coming years the ITFC Academy will be a core part of Ipswich Town’s strategy to achieve Premiership status and, as such, the Academy will ensure they are coaching and developing at the highest levels to develop potential Premiership players.

This starts with the Player Development Programme (PDP).

Players will have the opportunity to attend the PDP across 9 centres, at 7 venues, covering Suffolk and Essex.

This includes;

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    Walsham le Willows

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    Bury St Edmunds

The PDP gives you 1 hour per weeks coaching at each venue, per age group, with FA Qualified Coaches that will have access to the ITFC Academy scheme of work - as well as both an internal and external games programme. Each outfield age-group is capped at a ratio of 12 players : 1 Coach, meaning that your son will receive a high standard of personalised training. For GK training, this is capped at 6 players : 1 Coach.

Your enrolment onto the PDP will cost £115 per 15 week block of coaching, with the programme split into 2 blocks over the course of the season;

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    Block 1: August / September - December

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    Block 2: January - May

A question that is asked by many parents is;

"Can my son attend multiple venues to increase his coaching time with the PDP?"

The answer to the above question is yes, a player could attend as many PDP venues as they wanted to increase their contact time with our coaching staff and enhance their development further outside the 1 hour per week - but obviously you would have to pay the fee for each PDP venue.

Ipswich Town FC strives to become one of the most successful producers of young players in the country. We want to become established as being one of the best nationally, and the best locally, for its productivity and its care for the young player.

The purpose of the clubs’ PDP is to identify and recruit young footballers of outstanding ability and to coach them to reach their maximum potential in a club renowned for its family orientated approach.

We will always operate a system of player development that is relevant and appropriate to the needs of all players within an inspirational environment that stimulates, excites and challenges players.

We will run across 3 phases, providing a structured training environment that will help players with their development;

ITFC PDP The Fundamental Phase

The FUNdamental phaseU7 & U8

ITFC PDP The Foundation Phase

The Foundation phaseU9 & U11

ITFC PDP The Youth Development Phase

The Youth Development phaseU12 & U16

The 'Ipswich Way' has produced quality footballers with a high technical ability and a strong winning mentality. The style of football played has always been to play the game with simplicity, taking care of the ball and playing balanced, attacking football."

" 'The Ipswich Way' is based on dominating possession, always trying to pass forward, running forward. Always competitive and relishing the challenges provided defensively. We want all players to be comfortable with the ball and always looking for their next touch. 'The Ipswich Way' is to rise to whatever challenge is presented and find the solution, never compromising on our principles and standards."Steve McGavin, Ipswich Town FC Academy Head of Recruitment.

Our philosophy centers on the vital principle that players need to be guided and supported on their development journey. Our players will develop socially, becoming more confident as they progress through their training programme.

The nurturing process and holistic approach to player development aims to maximise potential from both a football and social perspective.

ITFC Player Development Programme ITFC Player Development Programme ITFC Player Development Programme ITFC Player Development Programme ITFC Player Development Programme ITFC Player Development Programme ITFC Player Development Programme ITFC Player Development Programme